Install Structures with Added Strength Thanks to Metal Engineering by Experts in Wembley, Middlesex

As the manager of a bustling business, it is essential you create an alluring atmosphere at your establishment. At Fokus Sheet Metal Ltd, in Wembley, Middlesex, our specialists in metal engineering create robust metal products that stand the test of time. Our bespoke metal structures make beautiful fixtures, enhancing the setting of any elegant venue.

Trusted Specialists in Metal Engineering

Call upon our experts when you want to enhance your venue with a subtle light fitting, or fully transform your property’s interior with a restaurant fixture. As specialists in metal engineering, we work closely with contractors in need of individual structures for their clients. We manufacture quality metal products and bespoke furnitureand we carry out projects to your exact specifications.

Expertly Fabricating Fixtures and Fittings 

In addition to our work with fixtures and fittings, we fabricate and engineer metal products for double-glazing and building companies. We also create metal grills, barbecues, and custom drum pans. Although many trade customers depend on us when their clients require light fittings, we also assist them by offering full re-fits. This includes the creation of metal products, such as:

Metal Tables – Metal Shelving – Brackets – Dehydrators

Rewarding Our Loyal Customers 

Rest assured you receive the perfect solution, as we provide honest advice prior to the project. Our consultants calculate the cost of the labour and materials required, and issue an accurate quote. What’s more, we price match any quote you may have received from another company. We also outline the length of time each project will take, and keep you informed should any changes arise.

Renowned for Our Excellent Reputation

Owing to our status as a dependable business, we have worked alongside reputable, well-known companies over the years. These include the ever-popular chains Nando’s™ and Wetherspoons™. Our light fittings are used in many of their restaurants, and we also have fittings operating in Watford Car Park, which was formally the Harlequin Centre.

Owning Metal Products Worldwide

At Fokus Sheet Metal Ltd, we carry out engineering and fabrication work for customers throughout the UK. However, many of our clients ship their items abroad. This has led to our work being found throughout the world. For example, we are currently aware that we have drum pans owned in Thailand and the West Indies.

CONTACT us, in Wembley, Middlesex, to find out more about the metal products we create as specialists in metal engineering.